Midgard European tour

have posted the initial plans for the Midgard European tour and developer meeting 2000.

The schedules and routes are still pretty much under work, and so might be subject to changes.

There is also a similar tour coming in the United States in July. If you are intrested in that, contact Ken Pooley (kpooley@sewanee.edu) for further details.


The tour will take place during weeks 25 & 26. We have scheduled 12 days for it. I have the absolute deadline of having to be back in Finland in July 3rd.

This scheduling would place the Developer Meeting to the weekend 23rd - 25th of June.

  • Day 1: Gathering in Espoo, drive to Turku and take a ferry to Stockholm (Saturday June 17th)
  • Day 2: Drive to Karlskrona (Sunday June 18th)
  • Day 3: Seminar in Karlskrona, Michael’s group joins the tour (Monday June 19th)
  • (Day 4: Drive through Denmark to Germany) ?
  • Day 5: Drive to Arnhem, The Netherlands
  • Day 6: In Netherlands
  • Day 7: Drive from .nl to Paris, Emile joins the tour
  • Day 8: In Paris (Friday June 23rd)
  • Day 9: Developer meeting in Paris (Saturday June 24th)

Please let me know ASAP if you want to make any modifications to this schedule.


I thought it might be a good idea to provide a list of the priorities under which we’re planning the tour so that no room would be left for misunderstandings. These are in the order of importance.

  • Beer and good time
  • Meeting Midgard people
  • Maybe even discussing important stuff


Starting from Espoo, Finland:

  • Henri Bergius
  • Eero af Heurlin
  • Erkki Lepre
  • Laeticia Söderman

Starting from Karlskrona, Sweden:

  • Michael Ed
  • Anders Karlsson

Starting from Arnhem, The Netherlands:

  • Wouter Crooy
  • Emile Heyns
  • Armand Verstappen

In Paris, France:

  • Jean-Pierre Arneodo
  • Alexander Bokovoy
  • David Guerizec
  • Johannes Hentunen?
  • Henri Hovi?
  • Ron Parker
  • people from Aurora

Let me know if there are more participants coming from a location.

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