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MidRepository hacking in OSCOM Sprint Zurich

David Schmitter and Henri Kaukola will be attending the 3rd OSCOM Sprint in Zurich on Jan 23rd to work together on the MidRepository workflow module for Midgard.

Midgard and Project UTF-8 has started a new project for evangelizing and documenting proper Unicode support in free software. It’s called Project UTF-8.

HKLC moves Aegir CMS to GPL licensing

Linux Center (HK) Ltd. has moved the popular Nadmin Studio content management product and its successor, Aegir CMS under the GNU General Public License (GPL). The GPL licensing provides users rights to use, modify and distribute the software as long as the source code is kept available and modifications to the application given back to the development community. The licensing...

Bike problems in Estonia

We started the next morning with another refreshing swim in the river, and continued to the centre of Pärnu for beers and some shopping. The day was very hot so we had to stop to a beer terrace every couple hundred meters.

Go west

Tuesday morning in Pskov and not a single cloud on the sky - the first summer day during our vacation. Wearing only t-shirts we aimed for the Estonian border. We were there at about 1 pm. There was no queue, but then again there didn’t seem to be any officials either. While we waited some Latvian cars came behind us...

My friend Milizia

Monday morning in Velike Luki was the first one to greet us with sunshine. Dark clouds still covered most of the sky but that didn’t bother us. During the last few days I had noticed odd cruching sound coming from my Ural’s engine. The previous day I had topped up the oil but that didn’t help. This morning, after a...

On the Banks of Volga

The Saturday morning in Valdaj was once again gray. To our surprise the bikes were still there. Still, even when we were loading the bikes, we were instructed to take them to guarded parking area (stajanka). Despite of our plans, we decided to push on one more day and have a look a Tver. Before leaving I also adjusted the...

A glimpse of real Russia

Friday greeted us with a deprssingly gray atmosphere. After a quick breakfast we loaded the bikes. My Ural was running nicely. To our surprise the can of Binding beer was gone. We were sorry we weren’t there to see the exprssion of whoever took the beer, when he first tasted it. It had, after all, been with us for almost...

Ural problems in Novgorod

[Bergie] In the morning Skoll noticed that his left cylinder wasn’t firing. We replaced the spark plug with Skoll’s only spare and that seemed to help.

Russian hospitality

Monday. When we woke, it was rainng heavily but by the time we had checked out the rain had ceased. We went to the other rock store where Veronica and Svetlana were working that day to buy an CCCP pin to go with my Ural vest. We changed a few words and started our bikes with Staraja Ladoga as our...