Go west

Tuesday morning in Pskov and not a single cloud on the sky - the first summer day during our vacation. Wearing only t-shirts we aimed for the Estonian border. We were there at about 1 pm. There was no queue, but then again there didn’t seem to be any officials either. While we waited some Latvian cars came behind us and we started wondering if we were at the Estonian border or at the Latvian. Some 30 min later the officials returned from their lunch break.

The customs went without problems but when we walked to he passport control the lady there started asking us where was the migration card. The same card was asked also at the hotel in St. Petersburg. As we didn’t have it, the official made a few phone calls and then asked us to wait. And - joking whether we are going to get safely back to west - wait we did. After a while we were brought the missing migration cards, which we apparently should have filled when entering Russia and where the hotels should have stamped our stay. We filled them in and were finally free to go. Hooray!

To our surprise we were actually at the Estonian border. On the other side the officials asked us a few questions about our bikes and after changing some money we rode on. It took us some two hours to get to Tartu where my cousin lives. Half of the road was in excellent shape, the other half had some heavy road work - courtesy of the World Bank. After Russia Estonia really felt like a modern western country.

The day was the hottest one so far in Estonia and they had promised even hotter for the next day. We had a dinner at Marju - my cousin - and she showed us the sights of the city. After that we went to visit a restaurant built in an old gunpowder cellar. They served there 0.3 liter beers for juniors, 0.5 for ladies and one liter biersteins for men.

The next day was indeed even hotter. We had a breakfast and left for Pärnu. On our way we stopped to for gas and had a chat with a local who had had a Jawa years ago. Riding felt really good. The sun was shining and the scenery was nice. At some point we got a bit of light refresing rain. On the way Bergie proved that you can do the most amazing things while riding a bike - like spread sun lotion to your legs, not to speak about taking photos and writing SMS’s.

We arrived to Nurme - a village some 10 km from Pärnu where my aunt keeps an Inn - and had a refreshing swim in the river. The rest of the day went nicely sitting outside, chatting, swimming in a river and drinking beer.