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On the road again

The sun was shining. It was (by the way, Henry is at the moment playing Bounce on his new Nokia) a beautiful Firday morning when Bergie came to fetch me from my apartment. I loaded my bike and we left for lunch in Atelje. Unforuntately it was closed so we decided to get the visas and eat something on the...

Workflow for Midgard

David Schmitter from Dataflow in Switzerland has now released version 0.9 of MidRepository, a versioning and workflow system for Midgard.

TownPortal: Bringing RSS to masses

TownPortal is an Open Source portal package based on Midgard and MidCOM. With TownPortal, local communities can easily manage their public web information, and provide web services for small businesses, clubs and educational institutions in the area. The local organizations gain a simple Content Management interface for managing their basic information, news and event calendars.

Open Source vs. Open Standards

Discussing on how Open Source software might still amount to similar customer lock-in as proprietary systems

Why MidCOM rocks

Essay introducing the key advantages of the MidCOM platform.

Too much free software

Freshmeat has an interesting editorial titled Too Much Free Software dealing with lack of standardization and “not invented here” syndrome in the Free Software / Open Source community causing appearance of multiple versions of same software.