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Benchmarking Midgard performance

There is a thread on Midgard user list about tuning Midgard to support over 100,000 page views per day.

Case study: Building the OSCOM site

OSCOM is an international, not-for-profit organization dedicated to Open Source Content Management. The goal of the organization is to bring together as many great brains as possible to build a network and grow the community of open source content management.

The road to Wacken

The next day was Thursday 25th. We started from the camping site towards Frankfurt where we were supposed to meet Juha, Jenni and Timo. The weather was sunny with some clouds here and there. As our goal for the day was to reach Frankfurt as soon as possible, we rode most of the way on autobahn. Lane splitting through the...

German campfire

Skoll awoke briskly in the morning and started the day by calling to an Ural service station in Wehr, Germany. We heared that it’s OK to bring the bike there so our target for the day was set. Also Bergie woke eventually to a call from the Italian Midgardians. We had a small breakfast with the last Switch franks we...

Just another day

The day started like just another day. The sky was somewhat cloudy, but cleared up soon. We had a breakfast at the hotel and started our trip towards Bourg-St. Maurice. I have a feeling I’m starting to repeat myself, but once again the roads were a joy to ride and the landscapes truely beautiful. And even if you are getting...
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Cultural Italy

The morning came with a cloudy sky. We packed our tent and countinued to Verona. At he first bigger town (Egna - Neumarket) we stopped at a Supermercado to get some breakfast which we ate at a parking lot. The terrain slowly started to be flatter there were still nice twisty roads. After driving by a few castles we stopped...
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To the Alps

From Prague we contiued onwards to the Austrian border. The border crossing went swiftly despite having to exchange Finnish Euro coins to the border officials. It is easy to see the power of EU, as after the border everything felt like home.
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Crash in Prague

In the morning we attacked the twisty road 11 towards Prague. At places the road had splendid hairpin turns where the Ducati and Triumph really were at their best. The Ural was also doing OK, but with the Russian tyres some of the turns were quite difficult. Scenery was simply splendid with lots of rolling green hills and forests.

Czech wedding

The star of the morning was the Ural. The previous evening we noticed that we have found the local Tattarisuo (area in Helsinki with lots of car repair etc. places), so we started looking for the velding-place there. In the first place we tried the master didn’t speak any english, but guided us to some other place. After searching the...
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Polish experience

Crossing the borders in Baltia was surprisingly easy and fast. When we arrived at the border of Poland, the queue was longer thn any of us had seen before. In the queue we met some fellow finnish bikers who had been waiting for several hours and weren’t even near to the passport control. Once again life is easier with bikes...