MidRepository hacking in OSCOM Sprint Zurich

David Schmitter and Henri Kaukola will be attending the 3rd OSCOM Sprint in Zurich on Jan 23rd to work together on the MidRepository workflow module for Midgard.

MidRepository provides a powerful workflow system for Midgard with XML based workflow definitions and a CVS repository as the central storage of all Midgard objects and revisions.

MidRepository can be found from the contrib/midrepository directory in Midgard CVS or from the Dataflow Contributions to Midgard site.

OSCOM Sprints are developer events gathering Open Source CMS developers from different projects to work on some common standards or implementations. The 3rd OSCOM Sprint focuses on different editing and authoring tools, including Atom, Epoz and Bitflux Editor.

The 3rd OSCOM Sprint is held on Jan 22nd - 23rd in Zurich, Switzerland.

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