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Leaks and neighbors

Apparently the pipes in the apartment had failed and started leaking.So now I'm stuck with no shower for at least a week, except for the nearby sauna place.Joys of living in an old house...

TMV switches to MidCOM

The new website is powered by MidCOM 1.2.0 and midcom-template.Most of the site is static content but they are already utilizing some of the nice dynamic features, including an automatic RSS 2.0 feed of their news items.

New features in Nemein.Net Sales

These include:Sending notification when any company belonging to a group is changed. Configured by setting parameter to the group:NemeinNet,sendNoticeOnChange,emailNotes field for companiesExtranet user account editing for personsSending email to campaignsThese changes can be found from the latest nightly.
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Swazi Sauna

On thursday morning I started calling different motorcycle rental places to find a bike. Most of the rentals were out of bikes but finally I was able to find a reasonably priced BMW F650GS from Sama Tours in Hatfield, Pretoria (Darryl Berman, Tel +27825516132, Web Unfortunately the bike's battery needed to be changed so I could start my trip...
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Leave Matebeng Pass for Goats

As my mobile phone had been offline during the hike, I had received a quite constant stream of text messages during the night. Again, the internationality of the whole trip amazed me. Our group included two Finns, one American, one South African and one Argentinian, and we were chatting in mixed German and English with two older couples from Hamburg....
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Land of the Basuthu

The evening around the fire was amazing. The fire circle is located on a good vantage point on the hill, with view opening across the small nature preservation area to the west and Pretorian suburb to the south.
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Struck by the drum

While waiting for the roast to be ready we visited Hogan's Irish bar quite near Wapandrand. The bar had Guinness on tap, but apparently it was African made and tasted quite different from the normal stout. We tried to fish out the beer's origins from the waitress but she didn't know it. Rumor has it they have a Guinness factory...
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First view of Africa

I left Helsinki in middle of a blizzard. It had snowed almost 30 cm during the morning and whole traffic was in chaos. Taxi call center had crashed, and it took almost half an hour to get a taxi to appear.

MidRepository hacking in OSCOM Sprint Zurich

David Schmitter and Henri Kaukola will be attending the 3rd OSCOM Sprint in Zurich on Jan 23rd to work together on the MidRepository workflow module for Midgard.