Dashboard: Managing contact relationship

Integrating Dashboard support to Nemein.Net might be interesting. NN already stores information related to persons in several places, including:
  • Contacts database
  • Sales projects
  • Support requests
  • Project contacts
In addition to those, we will probably have to start connecting Calendar entries to persons from the Contacts database. The Calendar API already supports connecting any person records to the entry, but there is no user interface to this.

With Dashboard Nemein.Net users could very easily display all relevant information about a customer service contact or a sales prospect, showing details like "emails sent by the person", "IRC chats with the person" and "support requests sent by the person" in one simple window.

It might even be possible to query and display this information dynamically when reading email or receiving a phone call from that person.

While Nemein has switched from GNOME on the desktop to OS X, this kind of application would still be interesting to experiment with.

Some documentation on Dashboard is available. The front end applications (email or VOIP client, IM application) tell backend systems to look up information related to a person or concept by sending a cluepacket. Documentation on writing the backend interfaces is available.