Work Shift Planning with OpenPSA

  • All work positions will appear as resources in the group calendar
  • Doctors can apply for a particular shift by making a reservation
  • Email notifications will be generated monthly about unallocated shifts and sent to all doctors
  • After each day the times of the work shift will be copied by the system to the doctors' hour reports
  • The doctors check the generated hour reports and modify or add details as necessary
  • The hour reports will be used for invoicing and customer reports

This way the doctors can easily control their availability and make their preferences on positions and shifts visible to the management. The management will also have a clear view into distribution of work loads, doctor availability and the filling of the shifts. Since hour reports will be automatically populated from the work plan, this will also reduce the amount of duplicate reporting needed.

Some modifications will be required to OpenPSA to make it work better with shift planning.

  • Coloring tentative reservations differently from final reservations in the resource and week calendar views
  • Enabling linking calendar events with tasks or processes
  • Creating the copying tool for populating hour reports from the calendar events

Documentation about particular work positions or locations will be stored as attachments to the tasks. This enables doctors to quickly access them from the OpenPSA front page.

In addition to using Projects and Calendar, the client will also start using some other parts of OpenPSA, including Sales for managing new business projects and Discussion for company's internal chat.

To help make the system more popular the Horde webmail application will also be integrated to the OpenPSA interface.

The organization works in a very virtual and distributed way, and so OpenPSA will provide them with all the communication and management tools they need for efficient operation. Other reasons why the chose OpenPSA included a very good feature match, a friendly user interface, and cheap hosting costs.