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Making Create.js more international

We’re now making good progress at releasing the big 1.0 of Create.js soon. The various CMS integrations - from Symfony CMF to TYPO3, and possibly Drupal and many others - have brought us a lot of new features and bug fixes, and will ensure a wide international audience for this inline editing toolkit.
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Better collections with Create.js

Copenhagen has been the last stop of the current Create.js tour. In here we’ve been integrating VIE and Create into TYPO3 Phoenix, the next major version of this popular CMS.
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Drupal and cross-CMS collaboration

I spent the last week in DrupalCon Munich followed by FrOSCon, and gave a talk on the Decoupled Content Management story in both.
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A history of Midgard visuals

As far as open source CMSs or web frameworks go, Midgard is one of the oldest ones. We started the work on it somewhere between 1997 and 1998, and the first version was launched in May 1999. Over the years our communications and visuals have changed quite a bit, and this post aims to show some of that evolution.
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Modernizing MidCOM

For those who haven’t been following the Midgard-land, there have been some interesting developments recently. The long-term supported Ragnaroek branch of Midgard1 is slowly fading away, and much of the recent activity has focused on making Midgard2 available via the PHPCR standard, and on the new Create.js inline editing tool.
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GObject Introspection and Node.js

Unfortunately I will not make it to GUADEC this year. However, here is something new for GNOME developers:
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Create.js hackathon in Berlin

Last week we at IKS organized a two-day hackathon for developers interested in Create.js, VIE, and in new tools for editing websites semantically.
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Video: Decoupling Content Management

Our concept of Decoupled Content Management, together with the VIE and Create.js is really taking off. I’ve spent in various conferences this summer speaking about them.
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Hallo.js, a simple rich text editor for the web

Those who have been following my blog have probably seen the Hallo Editor mentioned in my Create.js posts. But for those who haven’t seen it yet, here is a brief introduction.