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Interview: Create.js and VIE in CMSs

Create.js and VIE were recently added to the core of Drupal 8. Just like with TYPO3 Neos, I’ll write a longer post on how things went later.
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Jolla's Sailfish OS

This week has been a busy one for a hacker-nomad. Weekend in Paris for the JS.everywhere conference, then on Monday a talk at the Hamburg JavaScript meetup. And now I’m in Helsinki. Slush, the conference I’m attending, is the biggest start-up event in Nordic countries. But even at that, it seems the Jolla announcements of today have been able to...

Distributing NoFlo components via NPM

NoFlo is an implementation of the Flow-Based Programming model for Node.js. Today I’ve released version 0.2.0 which provides a handy new feature: the ability to share components via NPM.

Inline editing: you have to do it right

In a curious turn of events, the Plone team is considering to remove their inline editing feature around the same time when similar features are being added to popular CMSs like TYPO3 and Drupal.
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TYPO3 Neos and Create.js

The relation between Create.js and the TYPO3 team goes back a long way. They were present in the IKS event in February 2011 in Vienna where I presented Create for the first time.

Help us choose a logo for the Hallo Editor

Hallo is a simple web-based rich text editor. I’ve written about it before. Even though Create does support multiple editors, Hallo is the one we ship by default as it combines a relatively small size and a permissive license.
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Internet as your application blueprint

With Lukas Smith we gave the Monday keynote in this year’s International PHP Conference, titled The Internet is your application blueprint. The video is now online:

On tablets and productivity

Tablet usage is growing rapidly. Ars Technica wrote about an interesting study today:
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Making Create.js more international

We’re now making good progress at releasing the big 1.0 of Create.js soon. The various CMS integrations - from Symfony CMF to TYPO3, and possibly Drupal and many others - have brought us a lot of new features and bug fixes, and will ensure a wide international audience for this inline editing toolkit.