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Writing reusable, multi-platform JavaScript with Component

I’m currently in the process of porting the NoFlo Flow-Based Programming environment to run also in the browser. While there are some obvious differences in things like filesystem interaction and component loading, the goal here is to reuse as much of the same code as possible between these two platforms.

There are no smartphones

iPad is three years old now, and many tech blogs are writing stories to reflect what has changed. More than 100 million of them have been sold, alongside other popular tablets like the Kindle Fire and Nexus 7. But originally the reception was quite sceptical.
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Why WordPress needs to get Decoupled

Couple of days ago there was an interesting post on the Dire State of WordPress, talking about the issues developers have when working with this hugely popular content management system:
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Google Glass and the fear of the future

Google Glass is coming this year, a wearable display that can keep you connected at all the times and supply information and instructions when you need them. And it can record video or take pictures of whatever you see, when you want it to.
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Working on an Android tablet

As mentioned in my post Hacker-nomad’s toolkit, 2012 edition, the lease period of my lovely — Linux-driven — 11” MacBook Air expired this month, and I had to consider what kind of gear to go with next.
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Building a smarter workplace

As part of the SmarcoS project, we have been investigating how to make workplaces smarter through sensors and context awareness. Here is a video showing what we’ve built:
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Travel: all you need is a good backpack

In the last year, I’ve spent a lot of time on the road, mainly through client work and the European projects I’ve been involved with. To be more exact, I’ve spent more than half of my time traveling. This year should definitely be more light on conferences!
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Thinking about the flow-based programming user interface

As readers of this blog already know, I’ve been working on the NoFlo flow-based programming environment for JavaScript. Lately the development effort has received a large boost from both the EU-funded SmarcoS Project and client work, and so the question of a flow design UI has become even more urgent.
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Create.js in 2013

It is now 2013, and the IKS project, started back in 2009 to improve content management systems through semantic technologies, has ended. Alongside Apache Stanbol and VIE.js, the Create.js inline editing toolkit was one of the major outcomes of this European Union funded effort.
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Hacker-Nomad's toolkit, the 2012 edition

Back in last July – when choosing photos to use in the epic The Dreams of the MeeGo Diaspora post – I noticed that it is quite fascinating to look at the various tablets and mobile phones we’ve been using over the years. Back then they all were so new, shiny, and exciting, and yet hardware moves so fast that...