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The Dreams of the MeeGo Diaspora

Much has been written about the emerging Post-PC era, about the new possibilities it brings, and the limitations it imposes on developer creativity.
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Kinect Air Cursor: Let your hand be the mouse

If today’s Google I/O keynote where they parachuted to the conference center from a Zeppelin while streaming the whole experience on a Hangout via Project Glass wasn’t enough future for you, here is another thing.
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Never lose content

One important part of writing web content is reliability. Since everybody has had bad experiences with their current tools, the current level of trust in web editing tools is low. We’ve all been there, maybe the browser crashed, or the server-side session expired. But suddenly the article you’ve spend an hour writing is gone.
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Notes from Symfony Live 2012

This is a liveblog from the Symfony Live 2012 event, and will be updated as the conference progresses. You can also follow the #Symfony_live Twitter hashtag
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Running Symfony CMF with Midgard2

I’ve written about Decoupled Content Management before. As the Symfony Live event in Paris is nearing, I thought to give Symfony CMF a spin. Symfony CMF is a new approach at building PHP content management systems, and adheres quite well to the principles of decoupled CMS:

It is just a toy

Great post by John Lilly discussing why PC will be the truck:
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How do I turn this thing off?

Michael Mace has a very interesting review of Windows 8. As whole it is a good read for anybody interested in where this whole modern computing thing is going. But this part specifically caught my interest:
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My blog, the 2012 edition

Welcome to the latest iteration of my blog! I recently realized that I’ve been blogging since 1997, but actual visual or technical updates have been a lot more seldom.

Decoupled Content Management on tour

It seems the idea of Decoupling Content Management is gaining momentum. On the user interface side, many projects have already adopted the VIE interaction framework and widgets from Create, and in the content repository space projects like PHPCR move forward and there are also interesting new ideas like Apache Oak. While much of this has been made possible by the...