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Smartphone that doesn't need an App Store

True disruption would be a smartphone that doesn’t need an App Store—Nokia Fellow Mikko Terho, speaking in the Finnish MeeGo Summit. Rhymes quite well with the ideas of a Universal Runtime.

Finnish MeeGo Summit starts tomorrow

This weekend is the first-ever Finnish MeeGo Summit, held in Tampere in the same venue where we had aKademy last summer. Despite some announcements, the conference sold out in a very short time. The program looks very interesting, too. I'll give two talks: Location awareness in MeeGo, Hacks & Tricks track Friday 15:30 Midgard Create - Content Management System without...

Frontend Finland is a meetup group for JavaScript, web and mobile UX developers

Frontend Finland is a meetup group for JavaScript, web and mobile UX developersYesterday was one of their informal gatherings in William K. Quite interesting discussion ranging from MeeGo to CoffeeScript and integration testing. I demoed VIE and Midgard Create to a bunch of people there.
cover image for GNOME3 on Ubuntu Natty: the first impressions

GNOME3 on Ubuntu Natty: the first impressions

So, GNOME3 was released last week. I was then away in Saarbrucken, working on some linked data stuff, and so didn't have the courage to upgrade. But today I took the leap and installed both Ubuntu Natty beta and GNOME3 from the PPA. Now my 11" MacBook Air finally has the setup I originally intended for it. As Ars Technica...
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Swank: JavaScript REPL in Emacs

Experimenting with Swank JavaScript REPL environment on Emacs while working on Midgard Create.

Node.js for Python Developers

Pythonistas could think of Node.js as the JavaScript equivalent of CPython, Twisted, and setuptools packaged together in a single binary residing server-side. It includes a package repository (npm), and is all about event-driven I/O. That means that every time you make a call that would block, you pass a callback to it, kind of like how Twisted’s Deferreds work.—Pete Hunt...

PHP Content Repository - the other part of CMS decoupling

A while back I wrote about decoupling content management. The post generated lots of good reactions, and since then our VIE library has been adopted by multiple CMSs to achieve decoupling on the UI level. Now it is time to focus on the other side of decoupling - the relation between a web framework and a content repository. I've written...