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Interaction Design's Bauhaus moment

The Bauhaus’s philosophy was that form should follow function and all other distractions and decoration should be avoided. It wanted space to be experience for its purity, stripped off all the ‘dirt’ and clutter of decor. This is something that’s been happening recently in the field of visual interaction design.—Interaction Design’s Bauhaus moment talks about the recent trend towards reductionist...

Asynchronous Programming in JavaScript

Asynchronous Programming in JavaScripttyb on using Promises for preventing spaghetti code in asynchronous development:

Smartphone that doesn't need an App Store

True disruption would be a smartphone that doesn’t need an App Store—Nokia Fellow Mikko Terho, speaking in the Finnish MeeGo Summit. Rhymes quite well with the ideas of a Universal Runtime.

Finnish MeeGo Summit starts tomorrow

This weekend is the first-ever Finnish MeeGo Summit, held in Tampere in the same venue where we had aKademy last summer. Despite some announcements, the conference sold out in a very short time. The program looks very interesting, too. I'll give two talks: Location awareness in MeeGo, Hacks & Tricks track Friday 15:30 Midgard Create - Content Management System without...

Frontend Finland is a meetup group for JavaScript, web and mobile UX developers

Frontend Finland is a meetup group for JavaScript, web and mobile UX developersYesterday was one of their informal gatherings in William K. Quite interesting discussion ranging from MeeGo to CoffeeScript and integration testing. I demoed VIE and Midgard Create to a bunch of people there.