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Waterbear: Visual Programming for JavaScript

Waterbear is a visual programming environment for JavaScript. Great for teaching programming, and also possibly for developing on devices with constrained text input, like tablets or mobile phones.

Join the PHP Content Repository Workshop on May 8th

The IKS Project and Liip are organizing a PHP Content Repository Workshop in Zurich, Switzerland on May 8-9 2011. If you're working on PHP-based content management technologies, this event should be a very useful one to join or at least follow. What is a content repository? Content Repository is a programming interface for connecting with various persistent data stores. On...
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11" MacBook Air: the best computer I've ever had

A while ago I blogged about my impressions on running Ubuntu Natty and GNOME3 on my MacBook Air. As I've gotten some questions about the laptop itself, I decided to write something about it. Simply put, the 11" MacBook Air is the best computer I've ever had. I've always appreciated small and light laptops as I travel quite a bit,...

What you need to know in order to know JavaScript

What you need to know in order to know JavaScriptAs this blog was started to document my JavaScript journey, I thought this laundry list of JS concepts would be useful to keep around for others undertaking a similar voyage.

Interaction Design's Bauhaus moment

The Bauhaus’s philosophy was that form should follow function and all other distractions and decoration should be avoided. It wanted space to be experience for its purity, stripped off all the ‘dirt’ and clutter of decor. This is something that’s been happening recently in the field of visual interaction design.—Interaction Design’s Bauhaus moment talks about the recent trend towards reductionist...

Asynchronous Programming in JavaScript

Asynchronous Programming in JavaScripttyb on using Promises for preventing spaghetti code in asynchronous development: