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JavaScript to CoffeeScript converter

JavaScript to CoffeeScript converterThis is an interesting option for making older JS codebases more easily maintainable CS, or when dealing with large patches sent in JS format to a CS project.

Node.js exercises in CoffeeScript

I attended the Node.js workshop in Falsy Values last week. As both Node.js and CoffeeScript are often short of examples, I decided to put my implementations of the exercises up on GitHub. This even resulted in a ReadWriteWeb post:

Going to San Francisco

This weekend, after Falsy Values, I will be flying to San Francisco for a couple of weeks. There are some conferences: MeeGo Conference, May 23-25 Aloha Editor dev con, June 6-8 However, as there is quite some time between these two events, it would be interesting to meet cool people and/or projects. So if you're in the area, drop me...

PHP can perform better than Node.js

My previous post about using Silex and AppServer-in-PHP similarly to ExpressJS generate quite a bit of interest. In the Hacker News thread there was a question about memory usage, and so I put the AppServer under siege. Memory usage stayed constant at: 13958 bergie 20 0 125m 10m 2136 S 1 0.6 0:00.28 php 13959 bergie 20 0 125m 10m...