Midgard Create and VIE in the Aloha Editor conference

cover image for Midgard Create and VIE in the Aloha Editor conference

The Aloha Editor Developer Conference is happening this week in Hacker Dojo, Mountain View. While some other events may steal a bit of focus from this one, there seems to be a good amount of energy here. The event opened with Haymo Meran's keynote on the state and roadmap of Aloha Editor. As part of this there was an interesting observation:

Aloha Editor has an impressive rate of adoption: Drupal, TYPO3, WordPress, Midgard and others are now in the process of integrating the editor. If all of these work out, Aloha Editor can reach an approximately 66% of the CMS market.

And since most of them will do this with my VIE library, this is also great news for Decoupled Content Management, RDFa and the goals of the IKS project.


I also gave a talk on how we use Aloha Editor and VIE in Midgard Create. Both slides and video are available.

Later this week there will be also an interesting BoF in SemTech about Structured Data in HTML that I will try to attend. After that it is time to fly home...

Photo by Nils Dehl.

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