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JavaScript is the Assembly Language for the Web

So now JS is the x86 assembler of the web - not as pretty as it might be, but it gets the job done (GWT is the most hilarious case in point). It would be a classic case of worse is better except that Java only looked better from the bottom up. Meanwhile JS turned out to be pretty awesome.—Nick...
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My secret agenda for PHP Content Management Systems

As I’ve written before, I’m concerned about the state of the PHP ecosystem. There are lots of good applications written in the language, but there is very little code sharing between different projects, mainly because of framework incompatibilities, but also because of quite a strong NIH culture.

Some good things in Google+

So, Google Plus launched, the first truly viable Facebook competitor. The timing is quite interesting, given Google's recent failures with the Buzz microblogging platform, and the impending Facebook IPO. After a bit of time with Plus, here are some thoughts: Google already knows everything I do, so sharing stuff there feels less risky The UI is pretty and a lot...

Atwood's Law

any application that can be written in JavaScript, will eventually be written in JavaScript.—Atwood’s Law, from 2007

Kratko: JavaScript refactoring

Kratko is a refactoring tool for JavaScript. Seems useful if you work with a large codebase.
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Midgard Create and VIE in the Aloha Editor conference

The Aloha Editor Developer Conference is happening this week in Hacker Dojo, Mountain View. While some other events may steal a bit of focus from this one, there seems to be a good amount of energy here. The event opened with Haymo Meran's keynote on the state and roadmap of Aloha Editor. As part of this there was an interesting...
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Understanding MeeGo

Disclaimer: I’m a software developer with a background in Nokia’s Maemo mobile Linux ecosystem. I’ve built both software and community services for it. As a Maemo enthusiast, I’ve also been following MeeGo with interest, and am helping to build some of the project infrastructure there as well. But I do not speak with the authority of the MeeGo project, and...

Want to do something similar to PostRank?

So, Google acquired PostRank, the service calculating impact of blog posts and other items in social media. If you want something similar but without the Google tie-in, then a good option is my social impact calculator which is fully free software written in PHP. It was originally written in 2007, but the newer version has been cleaned of Midgard dependencies...