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DNode: Make PHP and Node.js talk to each other

If you’ve been following my blog, you might have noticed that lately I’ve started doing quite a lot of Node.js development alongside PHP. Based on conversations I’ve had in various conferences, I’m by far not alone in this situation - using Node.js for real-time functionality, and PHP (or Django, or Rails) for the more traditional CRUD stuff.

A series of tutorials is very interesting, a framework that provides an Erlang-like actor model for Node.js. As the framework is quite new, documentation is a bit lacking. Here are some good links:

Dart, Google's JavaScript killer

Dart, Google's JavaScript killerSo, Google finally announced Dart, their JavaScript killer. Initial reactions from the hacker community seem quite unimpressed.
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JavaScript logo

Logo for JavaScript, courtesy of Chris Williams (source)
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NoFlo in JS.Everywhere

Learn about NoFlo and flow-based programming in JS.everywhere conference. October 15th in Boston.
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Where is the future for openness in mobile?

These are tough times for fans of open mobile environments. Android is less and less open, Symbian was closed again, HP stopped making webOS devices, and now Intel abandoned MeeGo to work with Samsung and operators instead. So, what is the community to do? One option is to follow the lead of the big companies, hoping that Tizen works, or...