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What is the appeal of server-side JavaScript?

Node.js showed up at the right time. PHP, currently the most popular server-side language, has been mired in community squabbling amidst a large effort to refactor its character encoding support, while also losing developer mindshare to the many excellent Ruby web frameworks that have appeared in the last few years. But Ruby web frameworks, and the language itself, have become...

Elegance matters

CoffeeScript is to producing JavaScript what Markdown is for producing HTML. Elegance matters.

JavaScript in Qt5

Qt 5 is bringing JS at the same level of support as C++—Quim Gil, Nokia


Create is a JavaScript library that can make any website editable through simple RDFa annotations and Backbone.js. MIT licensed, in GitHub.

Composer solves the PHP code-sharing problem

In PHP we’ve had a lousy culture of code-sharing. Because depending on code from others as been tricky, every major PHP application or framework has practically had to reimplement the whole world. Only some tools, like PHPUnit, have managed to break over this barrier and become de-facto standards across project boundaries. But for the rest: just write it yourself.