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OpenPSA Now in CVS

There were some issues with getting the yamp Perl plugins to work with our UTF-8 encoded development database, but from now commits should work fine.

Accessible Forms with XHTML Labels

With the label element, forms would look like:<form method="POST"> <label for="firstname">First name</label> <input type="text" name="firstname" id="firstname" /></form> This would make the connection between a field and its label machine-readable, enabling easier handling for accessibility purposes. Also, this mark-up would be slightly lighter to download that the current <div /> solution. Thanks to Nico for the suggestion. Label HTML Guide:...

EU Aims to Make Web Shops Illegal

This would make building any kinds of web stores or shopping carts require a patent license.I guess European Union has decided to move Internet back to stone age, then. Competitiveness with American software business, indeed.It is still not too late to do something.

OpenPSA Project Started

Work done today:Creating the OpenPSA project website at www.openpsa.orgSetting up new, clean development database with Nemein.Net nightly build and SpiderAdminMoving localization libraries from under NemeinLocalization to their correct module snippetdirsSwitching old Evaluation Key system into Testimonials registration systemSetting up the OpenPSA project at TigrisStarted collecting beta participantsTODOs for tomorrow:Change all instances of Nemein.Net to OpenPSA in the applicationMake first CVS...

Taking a Look at SpiderAdmin

It has to be said that Daniel's team has made amazing progress with the administrative interface. The new UI looks very slick, and Tony Lee's logo design fits it very well.The user interface is also using our NemeinLocalization library. As soon as the language strings are included in the build I will translate them to Finnish.In addition to translations, the...

Nick Wreden: Rules for Corporate Blogs and Wikis

Despite its critics, knowledge management (KM) has not been over-promised; rather, vendors have under-delivered. Blogs can address the gap between KM promise and requirements by letting local expertise emerge. Here’s a good background on blogs and how Lucent is using them in KM. Updated 2004-04-15: Oops, the guidelines were not actually from AMA. Instead, they were response to AMA's instructions...

Year of the Penguin

Still back in 1999 it was a struggle to get my employer to run a Linux server. Two years later their own main product ran only on Linux.However, "Year of the Penguin"? There have been many of those...1999 - The Year of the Penguin2000 - Could've been Year of the Penguin2001 - Not the Year of the Penguin2002 - The...

On Silence

It was suprising how much he was able to communicate with simple pantomime and gestures. When the silence ended at midnight, he told us there had been only three occasions when he would've wanted to explain something but couldn't.Of course, the sign language alphabet we learned back in commune days to irritate the rest of our flat mates helped.

Linux Greenhouse goes MidCOM

The original Linux Greenhouse class convened in Seoul, Korea in June at the Global Linux 2000. Nemein has been providing eRiding services to LGH since spring 2001.The site design was made by Airton Jordani from