Some OpenPSA TODOs

Here's a quick list:
  • OpenPSA Calendar
    • Hide starting and ending hours for multi-day events of the start/end date is not the one being displayed
    • Differentiate events that allow overlapping from regular events in some way (for example, blue instead of red bar in the week view)
  • OpenPSA Sales
    • Country and state/region are missing from Campaign CSV exports
    • Add option to display persons that have been removed from a campaign in the listing
    • Show additional attributes (like datamanager parameters) of the MidgardEventMember record in the listing and CSV export
  • OpenPSA Core
    • Make the auth_conf values host_override and prefix_override configurable to enable single sign-on between OpenPSA and other Midgard sites
Updated 2004-04-27: Patch to include country and state information to CSV exports is now in CVS