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Over 200 OpenPSA Downloads

In addition there were 40 downloads of the beta package.All in all, not too bad for a first public release of specialized server-side business software.Most referrals came from Freshmeat, Midgard Updates and Newsforge.

Strategies for Open Source Adoption

For instance, OSS offers enterprises the opportunity to be more self-reliant through source code modification. It allows incremental project and upgrade schedules, free rein in integration decisions, and direct interaction with the OSS community. It creates the opportunity to implement projects in a way that is consistently mindful of enterprise goals, rather than the goals of a proprietary software vendor....

Persistence of Free Software

WordPress is Free Software. Its rules will never change. In the event that the WordPress community disbands and development stops, a new community can form around the orphaned code. ItÂ’s happened once already. In the extremely unlikely event that every single contributor (including every contributor to the original b2) agrees to relicense the code under a more restrictive license, I...

Back from Poland

We drove to Poland following E67, the Via Baltica. I've now driven the road in three summers, and the improvements are quite visible. Roads are getting better all the time, and now that the Baltic countries are in EU border checks were a breeze. Another big improvement is in credit card acceptance. Visa was accepted everywhere in Baltic countries so...

Open Source Success Factors

rapid release scheduleregression testsdo one thing wellavoid over-designa central visiondocumentationavoid standardsismup and running in ten minutes or less!developer responsivenesseasily update-able wiki pages

Commoditizing Information Technology

Other companies are finding that commoditization is a great weapon to use against an archenemy. Sun Microsystems, for instance, is heavily promoting StarOffice, its inexpensive open source alternative to the ubiquitous Microsoft Office. Sun knows that if it can commoditize basic business apps, it can begin to break Redmond's stranglehold on the PC desktop. The same pattern can be seen...

OpenPSA 1.9.0 Released - Open Source Management Software for Consultancies

The web-based OpenPSA suite was originally developed in 2001 under name Nemein.Net. The name was changed to OpenPSA as the application was moved to Open Source licensing.The OpenPSA is suitable for consultancies and service organizations ranging from 1 to 400 users. The software package is now available in English, Finnish and Italian, and it is easy to translate to other...
cover image for Midgard's 5th Anniversary - A Better Web for 5 Years

Midgard's 5th Anniversary - A Better Web for 5 Years

The 5th anniversary meeting will be held in Poznan, Poland. We're going there tomorrow with the whole Nemein team. Now is the time to get a special Midgard 5th anniversary t-shirt and raise a beer glass for the project :-)

New Features in OpenPSA Support

There are several new features in the CVS version:Ticket locking: edit view displays if somebody else is editing the ticketArchiving of old closed tickets to separate topicSLA handling: notifications if ticket is due to be handled. The service levels can be configured on per-type basis, but can be changed for individual ticketsSLA selector in ticket editor: Lock and SLA notification...

Working with Build Buddy

Ximian Build Buddy is a tool for building binary packages for different Linux distributions.