New Blogs and Employees

I almost got my hands on something I'm familiar with, PHP-code. Bergie had a meeting and I was doing some debugging and fixing with Kaukola though I learned that it's not something to tell to a customer. The correct word was deploying or something...

The eventual plan is to activate the Midgard community to build up an active Planet Midgard resource, much like the one used by the GNOME community. Blogs, or in this case, Plogs are a great way to keep the community aware of new developments.

Juhana is a computer engineering student from Helsinki Polytechnic, and has worked previously as a grave digger. The plan is to familiarize him with Midgard and MidCOM in the next few weeks, and then give him actual client projects as the summer holiday season begins. We did the same process with Kaukola, and it seems to have worked well. ;-)