Midgard release names: 1999 to 2010

A bit of folklore...

The Midgard releases have usually been named after some current event in the community. If no fitting events have been around, then names have been taken from Viking mythology.

Midgard 1.0 Land Rover series

The first public release of Midgard was named after the 1962 Land Rover jeep of Eero af Heurlin that Midgard originators Jukka Zitting and Henri Bergius used on several trips, and which always broke and needed to be pushed from places. The Land Rover also had its own theme song.

Midgard 1.1 Iron River series

Iron River was named after the award-winning Rautajoki LARP arranged by Harmaasudet Ry in Finland. Midgard developer Jukka Zitting delayed the 1.1 release substantially by leaving to build the Viking village needed for the game near town of Hollola.

Midgard 1.2 Mad King series

Midgard 1.2.x was a long-running Midgard release series started in summer 1999 and ended in December 2000.

Mad King was the name of a medieval theatre play where Jukka Zitting took part.

Midgard 1.4 Bifrost series

Introduced in December 2000, Midgard 1.4 series introduced features like attachments and site groups, and was the first series where PHP did not need to be patched for Midgard.

Bifrost is the bridge leading from Midgard, the world of men into Asgard, the world of gods. 1.4.0 was thought to be paving the way for the Midgard 2 release.

1.4.3 Rough Landing

The 1.4.3 release was named after Emile Heyns' parachuting accident in April 2002 that left Torben Nehmer as the new release manager. Luckily Emile has returned to the skies since.

1.4.4 Happy Christmas

This major bugfix release was make in Christmas 2002. 1.4.4 was the last release of the 1.4 series.

Midgard 1.5 Biergarten series

The 1.5 series were named after the famous Biergartens of Munich, the city where the summer 2003 Midgard developer meeting was held.

Midgard 1.6 series

1.6.0beta Five Years

The 1.6.0beta release was timed for the Fifth Anniversary Party of the project held on May 2004 in Poznan, Poland.

1.6.0rc1 Black Wolga

Released on September 22th 2004 and apparently named after the Russian Volga cars.

1.6.0rc2 Night Boat

Released on October 19th 2004.

1.6.0 Swedengard

Swedengard was a Midgardization of Sweden, the location of then-upcoming Midgard developer meeting.

1.6.1 Sverix

Sverix is short for Sweden Fix, for release containing bug fixes made during a developer meeting in Linköping, Sweden.

1.6.2 Amerigard

Amerigard was a play on the We all live in Amerika song by Rammstein that was popular and playing constantly during the November 2004 Midgard developer meeting in Sweden.

1.6.3 Threadened by Patents

1.6.3 was the first release supporting PHP built with the Zend threat safety features enabled. At the time the European software patent controversy was also raging.

Midgard 1.7 series

Started in early 2005, Midgard 1.7 series was finally the stage where Midgard 2 features were introduced into Midgard for real.

1.7alpha1 Leoni & Akseli

The release was named after Leonie and Akseli, the newborn children of Midgard developers Daniel Reichenbach and Henri Kaukola.

1.7beta1 FlyHigh

The 1.7beta1 release was named for Private Pilot License training's first solo flight by Henri Bergius, a Midgard developer.

1.7rc Patent Free

This release celebrated the repealing of software patents in the European union.

1.7.0 Vali

Vali was the son of Odin in the Viking mythology, and only one of the old gods to survive the last battle of Ragnarok. Similarly, 1.7 were the last Midgard series to include the classic Midgard API.

1.7.1 Plug and Pray

The 1.7.1 release fixed some severe Memory leaks in 1.7.0 when used together with Apache 2. The name is a play on the Plug and play concept of having hardware work automatically with a computer.

1.7.2 Plugged

Main aim of this release was to find any piece of code which triggers memory leaks. So when were found , Midgard was plugged.

1.7.3 Quoted

Main changes in this release: quota enchancements and new MidCOM release. Quota improvements and new quota written for MgdSchema objects forced Piotras to think about "quoted" release.

1.7.4 Kick

There were plenty of kicks before this release. Roundhouse kicks, typical kicks, non typical kicks and all those similiar kicks. Besides, this release kicked old releases and midgard-core sources. Few very old bugs were found and resolved.

1.7.5 Szybka

This release includes major stability and critical fix in Style Engine, which fixes performance problems for hosts which use template_midcom package. The key for the fix was sitegroup transparency feature.

in Polish "szybka" means:

  • something which is fast ( female type , but release is female type in Polish )
  • small part of transparent glass

1.7.6 "Fotomodelo"

Quotting Arttu Manninen:

Every situation must have a proper slogan. Midgard developer meeting was no exception. When we were going around in the night of Poznan, Poland, I asked Alessio to translate me the slogan for the night:

Non é facile essere un fotomodelo, ma qualcuno deve farlo.

It means: It's not easy to be a top model, but someone has to do it.

Midgard 1.8 series

1.8alpha1 Stylish.

December 2005. Month focused on endless threads about new style engine.

1.8alpha2 Independent

Just a few independency features :

  • MgdSchema objects functionality is able to replace old API
  • midgard-apache modules are not compiled against MySQL
  • midgard-php is not compiled against MySQL and Apache
  • Database and usable midgard hosts can be created without repligard
  • May,3rd is "Independency Day" in Poland ( release May,2nd )

1.8alpha3 Hot&Black

Alpha3 has been released shortly after developers meeting in Poznan, Poland. During the meeting, developers could taste something hot and black.

1.8beta1 Danke

Torben Nehmer MidCOM's Lead Developer left project a week before this release. As Torben's native language is German , community thanks him a lot with loud Danke!

1.8beta2 Sonya

Sonya is a song title. It sounds excellent when you have sauna with a good company. It has been sung during mini developer meeting in September, 2006.

1.8.0 Thor

Thor , one of the major Nordic gods. Like Thor will die during Ragnarok, old "god's" Midgard code will be removed since 1.9 Ragnarok release.

1.8.1 "42"

Release name suggested by Alexander, as the answer for all questions.

1.8.2 "Hoitsu"

Name inspired by English word 'nurse' translated to Finnish. The commercial sentence for this could also be : "Silja Line - Where nurses come true"

1.8.3 "Eight"

Eight years. Released just about for midgard's eight birthday.

1.8.4 "kaft"

"kaft" unfortunatelly can not be translated and published. It's addressed for people who doesn't respect other's properties.

1.8.5 "Refix"

Yet another bugfixex release. Some changes made in 1-8 branch has been not included in 1.8.4 release due to cvs/svn server changes and that's why "refix" describes sense of the name.

1.8.6 "The First"

Release with two major fixes. And "The First" in 2008 year.

1.8.7 "Flying pancake"

Bergie watched his favourite movie on wednesday. The one with flying pig. And, obviously there's pancake day on thursday. So I thought: "Pancakes also can fly". And I believe they do :)

1.8.8 "Lingua Grata"

As we implemented very desired Midgard multilingual improvement.

1.8.9 "Samshoblo"

In Georgian 'samshoblo' means homecountry or motherland. Russia vs Georgia war is still on, while we make this release... Taya is from Georgia, and we are glad she and her family are fine.

Midgard 8.09 series

8.09.0 "Ragnaroek"

First stable release made with new releasing policy plans in mind. "Ragnaroek" is a final battle before new world come. This Long Term Supported generation includes legacy and almost the whole Midgard2 API to let developers build better software. Released on October, 7th, 2008. Six months before first stable Midgard2 release and only week later after schedule.

8.09.3 "New Year's diet"

8.09.3 provided many internal improvements and enchancements. Among many changes, we decided to drop internal MidCOM's class inheritance support in favor of using decorator pattern. As we planned to release before Christmas, we wanted to name it "Christmas decorators", but unfortunately we made release at the beginning of 2009. Faster, lighter. Like with good diet. New Year's one :)

8.09.6 "AmsterGard"

This version has been released few days after Maemo Summit which has been held in Amsterdam and many Midgardians participated in this event.

Midgard 9.03 series

2.0alpha1 "Wet Dog"

First initial release's codename was 'at last', but Jerry came to rescue during developer's meeting in Linkoping (which happened two weeks before release). He (as everyone else) has been drinking delicious honey&oak beer and then he tried a regular light lagger beer. Try to do the same and say how latter beer tastes :)

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