The connected gathering

We're now in the Midgard Gathering in Linköping. Since Sweden has been too far for many Midgard community members, we're trying to make the event as connected as possible.

So far it is possible to follow the event live from two web cams:


The web cams are available here and here. To see the image log in as guest/guest.

In addition to the web cams, there are tons of photos from the event. Expect first ones to be posted to Midgard Gallery later today. We've also shot some interviews on video. The plan is to edit those on the drive back to Stockholm tomorrow and publish them soon.

As Torben wants to attend the meeting from Bavaria we're also thinking of rigging up a TeamSpeak system and we'll also be available on the IRC channel. Discussion is also available as IceCast broadcast.

So most the event will be available for online participation. With the important exception of beer.

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