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Hi, all! My blog's desktop feed has recently been added to Planet GNOME, and so here is a quick introduction:

My name is Henri Bergius and I am a free software hacker focused on things like the Midgard framework and some location-aware applications for desktop and mobile. I work at Nemein, a small Finnish CMS consultancy building stuff on top of Midgard. I'm quite interested in emerging web standards like microformats, GeoRSS, attention profiling, and in building free maps.

I've been a fan of the GNOME project since the early beta days, and while I currently mostly work on Mac, I still keep following the project actively. I've a speaker in four GUADECs, starting with a presentation about Open Source CMS in Dublin, and followed with geo-focused presentations in Vilanova, Birmingham and Istanbul. As a member of COSS steering group, I was also one of the people behind the (unfortunately unsuccessful) Tampere GUADEC+aKademy bid.

Here is my new hackergotchi:

Bergie's Hackergotchi

And yes, I am a former viking who happens to like ice cream.