Henri Bergius - Mobility posts

  1. Process API for NoFlo components
  2. Full-Stack Flow-Based Programming
  3. Flowhub
  4. An update from the NoFlo world
  5. Interview with J. Paul Morrison, the father of Flow-Based Programming
  6. GeoClue rises again
  7. My interview on the origins of NoFlo
  8. NoFlo Kickstarter, the hacker's perspective
  9. Leap Motion and the virtual interfaces
  10. The mobile-first Web
  11. Working on an Android tablet: first six weeks
  12. There are no smartphones
  13. Google Glass and the fear of the future
  14. Working on an Android tablet
  15. Building a smarter workplace
  16. Hacker-Nomad's toolkit, the 2012 edition
  17. Jolla's Sailfish OS
  18. On tablets and productivity
  19. The Dreams of the MeeGo Diaspora
  20. Kinect Air Cursor: Let your hand be the mouse
  21. It is just a toy
  22. Open Advice
  23. Open Mobile Linux, this Saturday in FOSDEM
  24. Call for presentations: Open Mobile Linux at FOSDEM 2012
  25. JavaScript in Qt5
  26. Where is the future for openness in mobile?
  27. Why the tablet form factor is winning
  28. Nemein and Infigo merge to create a digital agency focused on web and mobile
  29. Desktop Summit, and some thoughts on Flow-Based Programming
  30. PHP and GObject Introspection
  31. Understanding MeeGo
  32. Going to San Francisco
  33. Smartphone that doesn't need an App Store
  34. Finnish MeeGo Summit starts tomorrow
  35. On cross-project collaboration
  36. The Universal Runtime
  37. Midgard in 2010
  38. Tablets and the problem of text input
  39. COSS and MeeGo meet in Helsinki on Dec 1st
  40. MeeGo Conference, Aviva Stadium Dublin
  41. Application quality assurance in Linux distributions
  42. My interview at dot KDE
  43. buscatcher: Never miss another tram
  44. Frankencamera aims to make cameras open and programmable
  45. Zeitgeist does location: what did I do while in Brussels?
  46. Meet Midgard and GeoClue in aKademy 2010
  47. Ratatoskr is out: Midgard2 Content Repository goes LTS
  48. GeoClue 0.12 is out: Location awareness over D-Bus
  49. Getting started with the Midgard content repository
  50. Register and log into meego.com using your maemo.org account
  51. Going to the Bossa Conference
  52. Maemo's community involvement infrastructure is what MeeGo needs
  53. Google's Near Me Now: not quite there
  54. Posting to Qaiku via ping.fm
  55. Microfeed could be to status updates what Telepathy is to instant messaging
  56. Fall conference schedule
  57. Will content repositories kill the file?
  58. OSM2Go: wonderful mapping tool for Maemo
  59. Why you should use a content repository for your application
  60. CouchDb and Midgard talking with each other
  61. Qaiku API brings first clients: Mauku, Gwibber and an XMPP bot
  62. SMS as a query-based "mobile internet"
  63. Maemo.org is testing workstreaming with Qaiku
  64. Contribute your Maemo ideas via Brainstorm
  65. Browser geolocation without GPS: quite accurate enough
  66. Tomboy web synchronization, Conboy and Midgard
  67. Today's meetings on a map?
  68. Learn about Midgard2, GeoClue and libchamplain in GUADEC 2009
  69. Midgard2 stable: Generic content repository for web, desktop and mobile
  70. FON's new meshing router could complete the free software cloud
  71. Situational devices and synchronization
  72. Eight best Midgard2 posts
  73. Ars Technica on GeoClue
  74. See Midgard and GeoClue in FOSDEM
  75. Midgard in 2008
  76. With Nokia you're not just a consumer
  77. Summer of Code works
  78. Maemo.org goes Ragnaroek
  79. Midgard2 at FSCONS: Your data, everywhere
  80. Where will desktop applications and web services meet?
  81. Some notes from aKademy 2008
  82. Conferences this fall
  83. Notes from GUADEC Istanbul
  84. New profile pages on maemo.org
  85. GeoClue in GUADEC Istanbul
  86. Plazes goes Nokia
  87. Tampere is a candidate for GUADEC and aKademy 2009
  88. nĂ¼vi 880: First device to carry GeoClue?
  89. iPhone, GeoClue and making mobile devices location-aware
  90. GeoClue presentation in FISL 9.0
  91. Numpty Physics and Fennec: the tablet is becoming more fun
  92. GeoClue status update
  93. Offline web applications: a technology trend of 2008
  94. Maemo and Midgard go well together
  95. Nokia to acquire Trolltech, makers of Qt
  96. Nokia Internet Tablet N800 as Family's Portable Media Center
  97. The Cell phone is the Computer
  98. The universal communicator
  99. Appliances are starting to take over
  100. Onboard Internet
  101. Amazon Kindle could be the library of the working nomad
  102. Previewing Ajatus - the distributed CRM
  103. Midgard and the Law of Karma
  104. The World's Internet Tablet?
  105. Get your face on Planet Maemo
  106. Sometimes a thumbs down is needed
  107. jQuery and CouchDB
  108. Maemo Social News launched
  109. Geoweb of the future
  110. Calculating news item relevance
  111. GeoClue is appearing
  112. Notes from the State of the Map conference
  113. Finnair's excellent SMS check-in service
  114. Making Midgard Wiki easier
  115. Making public transport easier through open data
  116. Two new Midgard sites: Maemo and Mupe
  117. Conferences this summer
  118. Maemo Downloads is again open for business
  119. Jaiku: personal presence aggregator
  120. The old offline vs. online debate
  121. How successful is N800?
  122. First look at Rhapsody for N800
  123. Maemo camera app and an OS 2007 update
  124. Maemo in Google Summer of Code
  125. Maemo Mapper, OpenStreetMap and Wikipedia
  126. WiFi autologins with Devicescape
  127. GeoClue and Maemo Plazer
  128. Blogging on my N800
  129. Maemo Plazer released
  130. Plazes on the N800
  131. Instant messaging, VoIP and standards
  132. Personalized street advertisements
  133. Nokia's new N800 Linux Tablet
  134. Helsinki to provide WiFi hotspots in public transportation
  135. Slight pause in development
  136. FON for free in Finland
  137. Solving logistics of Mamona
  138. Nokia 770 navigation kit
  139. Going to LatinoWare
  140. Trying out Maemo Blog
  141. Maemo is migrating to Midgard
  142. Watching movies on the Nokia 770
  143. We need public access to Geodata in Europe
  144. Plazes is now mobile
  145. Gizmo and the new Skype UI
  146. Positioned cellphone as the travel guide
  147. Synchronization and the Free Software Desktop in GUADEC
  148. Midgard Developer Meeting in Komorniki
  149. Internet Tablet OS 2006 beta is out
  150. Maemo software idea contest
  151. Today is the Open Discussion Day
  152. Maemo Mapper takes us closer to the Hitchhiker's Guide
  153. Midgard's new toolbar
  154. Maemo and Free Software Innovation
  155. Getting my morning news
  156. If your iSync ever stops working
  157. OpenPsa will have real SyncML
  158. iSync and disappearing records
  159. First day with Nokia 770
  160. The real Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy
  161. Sonera kills Web SMS?