Henri Bergius - Neogeography posts

  1. GeoClue rises again
  2. Building a smarter workplace
  3. Open Advice
  4. Finnish MeeGo Summit starts tomorrow
  5. Towards the geotagged web
  6. buscatcher: Never miss another tram
  7. Zeitgeist does location: what did I do while in Brussels?
  8. My GeoClue talk from aKademy 2010
  9. Notes from my first Ubuntu Developer Summit
  10. GeoClue 0.12 is out: Location awareness over D-Bus
  11. Halti.com provides contextual product recommendations
  12. Google's Near Me Now: not quite there
  13. Easy user location with Midgard
  14. OSM2Go: wonderful mapping tool for Maemo
  15. Firefox 3.5: upgrade now
  16. Browser geolocation without GPS: quite accurate enough
  17. On Linked Data and OpenStreetMap
  18. Today's meetings on a map?
  19. Learn about Midgard2, GeoClue and libchamplain in GUADEC 2009
  20. We're joining the Qaiku project
  21. Making the GNOME desktop location-aware
  22. Ars Technica on GeoClue
  23. See Midgard and GeoClue in FOSDEM
  24. Spontaneous adventures: some autumn geohashing
  25. Using Yahoo! Fire Eagle with Midgard
  26. Why Finland is different
  27. Some notes from aKademy 2008
  28. Conferences this fall
  29. OpenStreetMap's user-generated data wins when there are changes
  30. Dataset: Pamplona's bull run
  31. Notes from GUADEC Istanbul
  32. GeoClue in GUADEC Istanbul
  33. Plazes goes Nokia
  34. nĂ¼vi 880: First device to carry GeoClue?
  35. iPhone, GeoClue and making mobile devices location-aware
  36. GeoClue presentation in FISL 9.0
  37. Beyond Google Maps: Mapstraction is a good starting point
  38. GeoClue status update
  39. Yahoo! Fire Eagle knows where my phone moves
  40. The Nemein team on a map
  41. PlazeCamp
  42. Onboard Internet
  43. Mapstraction supports OpenLayers now
  44. GeoNames ambassador to Finland
  45. Information is a key to sustainable transport
  46. OpenStreetMap Helsinki is getting pretty good
  47. Position editing widget for Midgard
  48. Geoweb of the future
  49. GeoClue is appearing
  50. Maps in Midgard, abstracted
  51. Notes from the State of the Map conference
  52. Conferences this summer
  53. Flight visualization with Google Earth
  54. Maemo Mapper, OpenStreetMap and Wikipedia
  55. Midgard Weekly Summary #68: March 2nd 2007
  56. GeoClue and Maemo Plazer
  57. Midgard and geotagging via email
  58. OSCMS Summit: Manage your personal information space with Midgard
  59. Maemo Plazer released
  60. Plazes on the N800
  61. Welcome to my new blog
  62. Solving logistics of Mamona
  63. Plazes is now mobile
  64. The Midgard Position
  65. Location information on the web