Henri Bergius - Software business posts

  1. The Grid: Web Design by Artificial Intelligence
  2. Nemein has a new home
  3. Bitcoin as a Medium of Exchange
  4. Interview with J. Paul Morrison, the father of Flow-Based Programming
  5. NoFlo coverage in August 2013
  6. NoFlo Kickstarter, the hacker's perspective
  7. Building a smarter workplace
  8. On tablets and productivity
  9. It is just a toy
  10. Open Advice
  11. Business analytics with CouchDB and NoFlo
  12. Nemein and Infigo merge to create a digital agency focused on web and mobile
  13. Understanding MeeGo
  14. Openwashing
  15. The best minds of my generation are thinking about how to make people click ads
  16. Ten years of Nemein
  17. Why make your projects properly open? Sustainability
  18. COSS and MeeGo meet in Helsinki on Dec 1st
  19. Help testing the OpenPSA business suite
  20. Open Source is more than just code dumps
  21. Open Source? Free Software? What we need is Open Projects
  22. Staff meeting in the park
  23. Privacy: how Qaiku is doing it
  24. iPad and information appliances, a free software angle
  25. In defence of URLs and the Open Web
  26. Open Source and why forking is good
  27. Maemo.org is testing workstreaming with Qaiku
  28. We will move to Hietalahti
  29. Oracle Sun acquisition: time to think about a content repository?
  30. Turn Internet trash into money with ReFuel
  31. We're joining the Qaiku project
  32. Tracking impact instead of effort
  33. Last of the Christmas holidays
  34. Nemein is going to Ubuntu Server
  35. LinkedIn Applications: automatic data into your resume
  36. Freedom Fry on GNU's 25th anniversary
  37. Knol: a unit of knowledge
  38. Part-time Istanbullu
  39. Micro-blogging as alternative corporate announcement channel
  40. ididwork.com: Simple workstreaming solution
  41. A List Apart Survey 2008 for people who make websites
  42. Scrum in management of a small software consultancy
  43. Nokia to acquire Trolltech, makers of Qt
  44. Open Source companies of Europe, unite!
  45. The Nemein team on a map
  46. Sun acquires MySQL
  47. In COSS steering group
  48. TKK goes Midgard
  49. Knol - Google's publishing platform
  50. AAA - important milestone for Nemein
  51. Finnair's excellent SMS check-in service
  52. Diners Club going Social Web?
  53. Two new Midgard sites: Maemo and Mupe
  54. Midgard - managing free software project as a joint venture
  55. How successful is N800?
  56. Meet Nabaztag, our new general manager
  57. Looking for a junior PHP/Midgard consultant
  58. Solving logistics of Mamona
  59. Digital Business Ecosystem in LatinoWare 2006
  60. Going to LatinoWare
  61. Maemo is migrating to Midgard
  62. How much is your Midgard worth?
  63. What to demand from Open Source contractors
  64. Motorcycles and targeted marketing
  65. Maemo and Free Software Innovation
  66. Digital Business Ecosystem in FISL
  67. Networking and microcorporations
  68. Implementing RTFM as a policy
  69. Intellectual Property and the Open Source Business
  70. The environmental impact of the Internet
  71. Digital Business Ecosystem slides from Curitiba
  72. Finnish Midgard slides from friday
  73. Finnish Centre for Open Source Software in 2006
  74. Open Source and Venture Capital
  75. Why web designers need a CMS
  76. Going to Georgia this month
  77. Business software and microcompanies
  78. No to European Software Patents
  79. Protie acquires FTC majority
  80. How Open Source boosts local economy
  81. Notes from the Russian Open Source Forum
  82. Going to Russian Open Source Forum
  83. Nemein expands to Caucasus
  84. Background of "Nemein"
  85. Going to NTC
  86. First look at Digital Business Ecosystem
  87. OpenPSA as a resource planning tool
  88. Nemein.com in some interesting language
  89. Managing nanocorporations with OpenPSA
  90. Franchising as Growth Model for Open Source Business
  91. This is the New Nemein
  92. Anttila won the Finnish Quality Award 2004
  93. A Day in IT Sales
  94. Getting used to the new office
  95. Elisa's Network is Down
  96. Eric Sink on Software Pricing
  97. Helsinki Business Polytechnic goes MidCOM
  98. Nemein's New Visual Guidelines
  99. Berners-Lee Gets the Millenium Technology Prize
  100. Open Source Consulting for the Government
  101. Positioning a Consultancy on the Web
  102. Spread of the Creative Commons
  103. Economist on Homebrew Coders
  104. New Blogs and Employees
  105. Strategies for Open Source Adoption
  106. Commoditizing Information Technology
  107. Motiva Runs MidCOM
  108. Open Source Public Relations
  109. B2B Advocacy Kit
  110. EU Aims to Make Web Shops Illegal
  111. Nick Wreden: Rules for Corporate Blogs and Wikis
  112. Year of the Penguin
  113. Kirkkonummen Seurakunnat in Midgard CMS
  114. Linux Greenhouse goes MidCOM
  115. Netcraft on Blogs and Wikis
  116. Scoble: The Corporate Weblog Manifesto
  117. Finland's Regulations on Freedom of Speech on Web
  118. Marc Andreessen: Why Open Source Will Boom
  119. TMV switches to MidCOM
  120. Midgard installfest on Aug 14th 2001
  121. Nemein Solutions receives round of seed financing
  122. Speaking engagements in May/June