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Flowhub and the GNOME Developer Experience

I’ve spent the last three days in the GNOME Developer Experience hackfest working on the NoFlo runtime for GNOME with Lionel Landwerlin.
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Building an Ingress Table with Flowhub

The c-base space station — a culture carbonite and a hackerspace — is the focal point of Berlin’s thriving tech scene. It is also the place where many of the city’s Ingress agents converge after an evening of hectic raiding or farming.
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Full-Stack Flow-Based Programming

The idea of Full-Stack Development is quite popular at the moment — building things that run both the browser and the server side of web development, usually utilizing similar languages and frameworks.
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We just opened the Flowhub website for pre-orders. Flowhub is the collaborative development environment for NoFlo and other flow-based programming systems.
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Bitcoin as a Medium of Exchange

Bitcoin — the decentralized digital currency — has been making a lot of headlines lately. Much of this is driven by the current investment boom around it that has raised the exchange rates over the 1000 USD mark. But really, looking at Bitcoin as a medium for currency or asset speculation is a bad idea. Instead, we should see it...
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NoFlo and GNOME

As the readers of this blog know, I’ve been working on a Flow-Based Programming implementation for JavaScript in the form of the NoFlo project. The idea of FBP in nutshell is to separate the control flow of software from the actual implementation. Developers build reusable “black box” components that are then connected with each other through a graph that you...
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An update from the NoFlo world

Wow, September was a busy month. As you probably know, our NoFlo Development Environment Kickstarter succeeded with 115% funding. Thanks everybody!
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Flying a Quadrocopter with NoFlo

The Parrot AR.Drone is quite a lot of fun, and also quite hackable. We recently got one, and the first thing to do was to connect the excellent Node.js ar-drone module with the NoFlo flow-based programming framework.
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NoFlo coverage in August 2013

August was a big month for NoFlo. We launched the Kickstarter campaign, which went from 0 to 90% inside the month. The Kickstarter has brought quite a lot of attention to Flow-Based Programming, including lots of interesting new NoFlo contributions. There has also been quite a lot of media coverage, and I thought to collect these into one place. To...