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Event-driven programming with PHP5 and Midgard2

Event-driven programming is a paradigm that is especially familiar for GUI and JavaScript programmers. For example, it is the style used in Node.js. In the traditional PHP space it hasn't been utilized that much, but here is an example how to do it with GObject signals as provided by Midgard2. Connection events First of all we prepare a Midgard connection:...
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Introducing the Midgard Create user interface

You may have noticed that quite a lot is happening in the Midgard land. Nowadays Midgard2 itself is a generic content repository that can be used for both desktop and web applications. Midgard MVC is a generic web framework for PHP5 that can be used with Midgard2 or without it. And then there is Midgard Create, the new content management...
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Trying out Cloud9IDE: Developing software in your browser

As I wrote inĀ Better one file in the cloud than ten on the hard drive, when you mostly work on free software projects, then main frustration with a change of computer or a crashed harddrive is not lost files, but having to rebuild your development environment. The browser-based software development tool Cloud9IDE aims to solve that by moving the whole...
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Ten years of Nemein

Today it is ten years since my company, Nemein, started operating. Our team had been doing the internal Midgard-based information systems at Stonesoft, but as parts of that company were being sold, our team would've been split up. So instead we started our own business with Henri Hovi and Johannes Hentunen, with the idea that our Midgard expertise would be...

GObject Introspection is coming to PHP

In the next-generation Midgard Content Repository we decided to focus on GObject Introspection for providing bindings to various programming languages like Python and JavaScript. The advantages for automatically generated bindings are quite obvious when compared to the situation with older Midgard versions where we had to maintain them manually. Unfortunately PHP didn't have GObject Introspection support, but that is about...
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Decoupling Content Management

Traditional content management systems are monolithic beasts. Just to make your website editable you need to accept the web framework imposed by the system, the templating engine used by the system, and the editing tools used by the system. Want to have a better user interface? Be prepared to rewrite your whole website, and to the pain of having to...

Program in Latin


Literate programming with PHP

noweb.php is a PHP implementation of the tool needed for literate programming. Wikipedia says the following about literate programming: