NoFlo coverage in August 2013

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August was a big month for NoFlo. We launched the Kickstarter campaign, which went from 0 to 90% inside the month. The Kickstarter has brought quite a lot of attention to Flow-Based Programming, including lots of interesting new NoFlo contributions. There has also been quite a lot of media coverage, and I thought to collect these into one place. To get a more real-time view to things as they’re posted, make sure to follow NoFlo on Twitter, Google+, or Facebook.

I’ve probably missed some stories. If you know a NoFlo story that isn’t listed here, please add it to the comments of this post.

Press stories

Other coverage

But even with all this coverage, it was probably Vinod Khosla who said it best:

International coverage


Even with this amount of coverage, the job is of course far from done. We have 12 days to get over the 100% limit on Kickstarter to be able to move forward with the UI, and we’ll need help on that from all of you. So please support the Kickstarter campaign and spread the word about it!

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