DeCSS, legal or illegal?

While last year Finnish courts decided that breaking ineffective copy protection is legal, it seems this year the ruling has been reversed. Quick translation below:

Sihvo was sentenced into 30 day-fines. When deciding the judgement the court took into consideration that Sihvo had turned himself in to the police...

Again in this trial the key point was whether CSS copy protection that had been circumvented already in 1999 could be considered an "effective technological measure" as required by the law. The court decided that it could.

Guys, try to get it! Every time you make it difficult to move videos or music somebody has legally bought between devices they own by copy protection you play in the hands of the pirates. Illegally downloaded videos or music simply work better than bought ones!

DeCSS is a piece of free software initially published in 1999 that breaks the copy protection of DVDs. It makes it possible to watch your DVD films on Linux, or convert them to formats you can watch on mobile devices. Now that promoting DeCSS is supposedly illegal, it is a good time to download it, or amuse yourself with various ways to work around the ban.