Aloha and the art of semantic web content

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To bring CMS editing to the next level, the IKS project is working on a semantic HTML5 editor. This week we had a hackathon in Helsinki focusing on implementing our ideas with the Aloha Editor. In addition to enjoying the hot summer weather here, we accomplished quite a bit and in the end were able to present the whole pipeline of:

  • Loading content from Midgard CMS to Aloha Editor
  • Annotating our content with Google-compatible Person RDFa elements
  • Saving the content back to Midgard
  • ...and finally analysing the content with FISE to find more semantic information


The hackathon participants included developers from Nemein, Gentics, Infigo, Salzburg Research and the German Research Center for Artificial Intelligence. Some screenshots:

Editing content with Aloha in Midgard

Annotating persons with the Aloha RDFa plugin


RDFa annotation created with the semantic editor
Additional semantic information suggested by FISE

All the relevant code can be found from GitHub (see also the FISE Midgard integration).

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