Join the IKS Semantic Editing hackathon in February

IKS, the EU-funded effort to add semantic capabilities to open source CMSs, will organize a semantic editing hackathon in Vienna this winter:

We invite you to join us at next month's IKS Semantic Interaction Hackathon in Vienna taking place over 3-days February 24th-26th, 2011. The goal of the hackathon is to provide a framework, that enables CMS developers to exploit semantics throughout their content management systems based on interaction patterns.

Why do we belief this is needed? Because to provide user-friendly interaction with semantically enriched content, CMSs need better WYSIWYG editors and interaction models than currently available or even imagined. But improving how today’s CMS editors interact with knowledge intensive content is only part of the story. What we want to provide is an interaction framework that is extendable across editors and future interaction needs.

This will be an excellent opportunity to find out what our semantic editing working group, started last June, has been up to, and to work with modern tools like the Aloha HTML5 editor. It will be also a good way to get to know the new Midgard Create content management system that has been built on these technologies.

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