Henri Bergius - Politics posts

  1. Bitcoin as a Medium of Exchange
  2. Google Glass and the fear of the future
  3. Sovereignty into the fabric of the Internet
  4. Where is the future for openness in mobile?
  5. Embrace and extend
  6. Openwashing
  7. Techno-optimism and free software
  8. The Universal Runtime
  9. Finland's brand strategy builds on the ideas of free software
  10. Free Society Conference and Nordic Summit 2010
  11. A radical pessimist's guide to the next 10 years
  12. Free Software Foundation Europe in Finland
  13. Software patents are silly
  14. Bruce Schneier on Cloud Computing
  15. The future is now
  16. Another step towards the surveillance state
  17. Automated border controls
  18. Lex Nokia: I read your email
  19. Finland, freedom, censorship
  20. DeCSS, legal or illegal?
  21. Freedom Fry on GNU's 25th anniversary
  22. Georgia without Russian troops
  23. Big Brother lives in Sweden?
  24. On Finnish Internet censorship
  25. Black box voting comes to Finland
  26. Open Source companies of Europe, unite!
  27. The Cell phone is the Computer
  28. In COSS steering group
  29. On companies that are bigger than countries
  30. Information is a key to sustainable transport
  31. Making public transport easier through open data
  32. Midgard and the Finnish parliamentary election
  33. Iran and the possible march to war
  34. British RFID passports cracked
  35. Court rules against Helsinki's disastrous Malmi plans
  36. We need public access to Geodata in Europe
  37. Web services and free software
  38. First four countries committed to One Laptop Per Child
  39. Amnesty and the Irrepressible Internet
  40. Crna Gora voted for independence
  41. Fellow of FSF Europe
  42. Digital Business Ecosystem in FISL
  43. On Finnish state of living
  44. Meanwhile, in Ukraine
  45. Majority of Greater Helsinki inhabitants want to keep Malmi Airport
  46. EFFI on the Black December of Digital Rights
  47. On the Data Retention Directive
  48. The environmental impact of the Internet
  49. A year ago: Orange Revolution
  50. Meanwhile, in France
  51. London
  52. No to European Software Patents
  53. End of European Democracy?
  54. EU agriculture ministers threaten again with software patents
  55. Historical Helsinki-Malmi Airport Threatened