Henri Bergius - OpenPSA posts

  1. Building a smarter workplace
  2. Open Advice
  3. Business analytics with CouchDB and NoFlo
  4. Midgard in 2010
  5. Help testing the OpenPSA business suite
  6. CouchDb and Midgard talking with each other
  7. Come to celebrate the 10th Anniversary of the Midgard Project
  8. Free software at work: OpenPsa2 is making a return
  9. ETech 2009 CFP: Building the peer-to-peer business network
  10. Scrum in management of a small software consultancy
  11. XMPP publish/subscribe for Midgard and Ajatus replication
  12. Offline web applications: a technology trend of 2008
  13. Conferences this spring
  14. Replicating Ajatus with your colleagues
  15. First beta of Ajatus available
  16. Making Ajatus feel like a native app
  17. CouchDb 0.7.0 is out
  18. Previewing Ajatus - the distributed CRM
  19. jQuery and CouchDB
  20. Meet Nabaztag, our new general manager
  21. Contact management and Microformats
  22. More photo backlog
  23. Digital Business Ecosystem in LatinoWare 2006
  24. Going to LatinoWare
  25. Finding resources automatically in OpenPsa
  26. Contact management in semantic web
  27. Autumn cleaning for your contacts database
  28. Firefox extension for Microformat utilization
  29. iCal is adding CalDAV support
  30. OpenPsa sources moved to Subversion
  31. Eating our own dogfood
  32. Email integration in OpenPsa 2
  33. Notification management in OpenPsa 2
  34. What to demand from Open Source contractors
  35. OpenPsa2: Minor features matter
  36. Motorcycles and targeted marketing
  37. Digital Business Ecosystem in FISL
  38. In Brazil now
  39. On simple business applications
  40. OpenPsa will have real SyncML
  41. Going to California and Brazil
  42. Joel Spolsky on AJAX calendars
  43. Open Source and Web 2.0
  44. Concerns with working over the web
  45. Working over the web
  46. Getting Things Done with Salesforce.com
  47. How OpenPsa uses DBE
  48. Happy New Year, and a look back at 2005
  49. Delaying OpenPsa 2 beta release
  50. Looking at the PHP workflow options
  51. Digital Business Ecosystem slides from Curitiba
  52. Going to Fórum GNOME
  53. OpenPsa on "Best help desk software guide"
  54. Networked Project Management with DBE
  55. Midgard meeting in Linköping
  56. Prepare to be synchronized
  57. Some refresh to the OpenPsa style
  58. OpenPsa Calendar goes horizontal
  59. Direct marketing component for OpenPsa
  60. Latest Midgard and MidCOM
  61. Business software and microcompanies
  62. Contact display widget for MidCOM
  63. OpenPSA 2 Preview 1 released
  64. Some snapshots from OpenPSA 2
  65. The DBE Driver Workshop
  66. First running OpenPSA 2.0 component
  67. Hour approval component for MidCOM
  68. OpenPSA project in Rome
  69. Business according to OpenPSA
  70. First look at Digital Business Ecosystem
  71. OpenPSA as a resource planning tool
  72. New layout for OpenPSA
  73. iSync woes with Sony Ericsson K700i
  74. Preparing for OpenPSA usability day
  75. Managing nanocorporations with OpenPSA
  76. New OpenPSA Campaign Query Tool
  77. OpenPSA Documents supports WebDAV
  78. Work Shift Planning with OpenPSA
  79. OpenPSA demo available
  80. OpenPSA User Documentation Online
  81. OpenPSA Campaigns Support Event Registrations
  82. Over 200 OpenPSA Downloads
  83. OpenPSA 1.9.0 Released - Open Source Management Software for Consultancies
  84. New Features in OpenPSA Support
  85. First OpenPSA beta available
  86. Some OpenPSA TODOs
  87. OpenPSA Now in CVS
  88. OpenPSA Project Started
  89. Dashboard: Managing contact relationship
  90. New features in Nemein.Net Sales