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Recent performance improvements for Midgard 8.09

Midgard 8.09 is an industrial CMS that is now in Long-Term Supported stage, with the community maintaining it until 2013. As we all know, performance is a feature, and with a CMS framework that has lived through many changes including transitions from PHP4 to 5.2 and from Classic Midgard era to the modern APIs, there is a lot to do....
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Zeitgeist does location: what did I do while in Brussels?

Zeitgeist, the desktop activity logging engine is now becoming geo-aware. From Seif Lotfy's blog: It allows you to ask Zeitgeist stuff like “Get me the recent files I edited at university” “Who do I contact most when I am at School?” “Which pictures did I take in Brazil?” “Where was I when an Email came in?” “What files did I...
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My GeoClue talk from aKademy 2010

aKademy 2010 was hosted in the sunny city of Tampere by the Finnish Centre for Open Source Solutions, an organization that I'm a steering group member of. In addition to helping a bit with the arrangements and organizing the Midgard Gathering there, I also gave a talk about GeoClue, the positioning framework for Linux desktops. Presentation slides (PDF) Video of...
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Meet Midgard and GeoClue in aKademy 2010

We tried to get the combined GUADEC and aKademy conferences to Tampere in 2009, but a warmer place unfortunately won. However, we will be hosting this year's aKademy so at least KDE and Qt fans will get to enjoy this beautiful northern industrial city. The main conference will be held at the Tampere University over the weekend, and then the...
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Midgard Runtime brings our web framework to the desktop

Midgard2 10.05.1 was released yesterday, bringing a long-waited feature finally to the Midgard installation packages: the Midgard Runtime. Midgard Runtime is an application that consists of a simple Qt WebKit viewer that, when run, starts a local Midgard web server on the background and connects to it. This means that you'll have the full Midgard MVC stack available on your...

Open Source? Free Software? What we need is Open Projects

Both companies and public administration are starting to understand the benefits of free software: reducing vendor lock-in, possibility to continue development of a project after a vendor has gone out of business or lost interest, and in general enjoying the four freedoms. But unfortunately much of this understanding has been limited to the context of licenses. In reality, licenses are...

Midgard release names: 1999 to 2010

A bit of folklore... The Midgard releases have usually been named after some current event in the community. If no fitting events have been around, then names have been taken from Viking mythology.
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Staff meeting in the park

At Nemein we have a monthly staff meeting to go through all project backlogs, new initiatives and happenings in the R&D side of things. Today the weather was nice, so we decided to keep the meeting in the nearby Sinebrychoff Park, armed with croissants, cake and the company waterpipe. Quite pleasant change from routine! Thanks to Aslan for the cake!...

First year of IKS for Midgard

Last year we became a partner in the European Commission -funded Interactive Knowledge Systems project aiming to increase semantic capabilities in Open Source CMSs and vendors.

Midgard2 has moved to GitHub

Now that Midgard2 is at Long-Term Supported stage it was time to finally make the jump and migrate our development efforts to happen on top of Git, the fast version control system. To maximize project visibility and enable easy tool access we chose GitHub as the Git hosting provider. While migrating to Git we also decided to implement the Distributed Version...