Two new Midgard buttons

Alexey Zakhlestine has designed two new "Powered by Midgard" buttons users can display on their site to support the CMS project:

midgard-cms.png midgard-cmf.png

Reminded by this, I uploaded a bunch of other Midgard buttons to the project site as well.

In the other news, today's main activity was creating an OpenPSA Sales based storage back-end for a major consumer competition run by A-lehdet. The competition site is completely built in Flash and sends vote and registration data via a HTTP POST to Midgard.

It will be interesting to see how the solution, and especially the campaign user interface in Sales will handle the expected 100,000 registrations. I expect we will have to lighten the campaign member listing screen quite a bit. I'll post some technical notes and code related to this later when the campaign goes live.

The other activity today was a demonstration against closing the historical Helsinki-Malmi airport. There were about 150-200 aviators gathered in front of the city hall, and the air was filled with chants and supporting horns of passing cars. My yesterday's blog post about this got some attention from the city council members, including several very supportive emails. It actually seems to have started a small flamewar within the group.

I've posted some photos from the demonstration. It was also covered in the newscast of Uudenmaan Uutiset and in a brief Helsingin Sanomat article.

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