Test install of Midgard 1.6.0rc2

Midgard 1.6.0rc2 was released earlier today. I decided to try it on my local iBook.

Most of the stuff seems to install just like in my earlier installation, except that some packages have been renamed. midgard-lib is now midgard-core and mod_midgard is now midgard-apache1.

First problem was that I tried to install Midgard to a custom prefix, /usr/local/midgard, and midgard-config failed to give correct include path for that. After a bit of investigation, I found out that this was broken it this commit.
Rambo pointed out that this was due to incorrect Perl string comparisons in the code. Fixed now.

Next change to the installation notes was that configure for midgard-php4 needed to have the apxs path specified:

$ ./configure --with-midgard-config=/usr/local/midgard/bin/midgard-config\

Another thing to note was that since Midgard's Apache module has changed its name, the old module must be commented out from httpd.conf if you have an earlier Midgard version installed.
Also, in that case apachectl restart won't be enough. You have to run:

/usr/local/apache/sbin/apachectl stop
/usr/local/apache/sbin/apachectl start

After the successful Midgard installation the next thing was to turn to midgard-data. Midgard 1.6.x series have a new database setup tool, datagard. Unfortunately it didn't run on Mac at first, but Piotras helped me with that and promised to fix some Fink-related path issues in CVS.
Here's how datagard looks like:


When datagard had upgraded my old Midgard database to the new MultiLang format, I was ready to access my Midgard Welcome Page. It greeted me with:


Next I'm testing setting up a new database with datagard.

All in all, Midgard installation on Mac OS X is still a bit difficult because of the dependencies. Chris Stephens pointed me to an interesting project that could help here:

MAMP is a Mac OS X installer (or disk image) package that installs the whole Apache, MySQL and PHP combo into the Applications folder and provides a Quartz application for running the processes. If we could get Midgard installed into this, it would make things a lot smoother.

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