Ratatoskr is out: Midgard2 Content Repository goes LTS

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Midgard2 10.05 "Ratatoskr" was released yesterday, moving the Midgard Content Repository into long-term supported state as outlined in my recent post. Ratatoskr should provide a stable storage system for both desktop and mobile application developers.

Web developers will also benefit from Midgard MVC, the PHP framework that already runs services like Qaiku.com.

The release includes:

  • Content Repository API bindings for the following programming languages: C, Python, PHP, C# and Vala. D-Bus signals are used to inform different Midgard2 applications about things happening in the repository, enabling for example a PHP website and a Python background process to communicate with each other.
  • Midgard MVC, an elegant framework for PHP web applications. Midgard MVC includes interfaces for loadable components, hierarchical sub-requests, a forms system and much more.
  • Midgard Runtime that combines the Midgard MVC, a PHP application server and a WebKit UI to provide a full Midgard web development environment on the desktop.

This release benefits greatly from new technologies happening in the GNOME sphere: some of the language bindings are created using GObject Introspection, Vala has made development of new features faster and libgda4 makes all database operations more efficient.

Packages for various Linux distributions are already trickling into Midgard's OpenSuse Build Service repositories and Maemo Packages.

A good place to start the Midgard2 journey is my Midgard2 Content Repository for Python tutorial.


Photo: Squirrel by John-Morgan on Flickr (the release codename Ratatoskr is a mythological squirrel)


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