Midgard2 stable: Generic content repository for web, desktop and mobile

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Vali raises a toast for Midgard2
After the long wait, Midgard2 was today released to the world. This marks a big change in the scope of what Midgard is. Instead of building a CMS, we've built a generic content repository that can be utilized in web, mobile and desktop applications.

As MDK wrote when announcing the Objective-C bindings for Midgard:

...it provides an objectified view to the data and services surrounding it. At the basic level it abstracts the database access (SQLite, MySql, PostgreSQL) but this is only where it all starts. Serialization & replication, managing own storage objects, multi-process access to data are all covered. The fully object-oriented (GObject-oriented) API allows you to focus on the data, not the database syntax.

For many desktop software developers, database technologies belong to where they belong — the web alone. This is not necessarily true. As the software & services en masse move to the web, the need to integrate the cloud with the desktop becomes indispensable.

This is indeed a big step for our project, as suddenly Midgard moves from the realm of PHP-only web development to the area where Midgard applications can be written for mobile devices, replicating their data with a social web app.

As Piotras is fond of saying: You could write Drupal on top of Midgard, but you couldn't write Midgard on top of Drupal.

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The first stable release of Midgard2 coincides with the 10th anniversary of the project, to be held in Helsinki, Finland next week. Come and join the celebration!

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