Peter Skillman, the guy behind Palm Pre user experience now heads MeeGo UX at Nokia

From Engadget

I got to play with a Palm Pre in FOSDEM and the user experience absolutely rocks. Exactly the kind of hire Nokia needed to make :-)

Engadget also had a a story about the WeTab MeeGo tablet:

while browsing webpages and tiled apps on the large capacitive screen, using one of the most intuitive, practical touchscreen interfaces we’ve ever had the pleasure to try

WeTab actually sounds very interesting. They posted to MeeGo forums:

We support Qt 4.6 and will update to 4.7, once it is stable. Qt is the framework, which we prefer, but nevertheless we support GTK based apps as well as java, flash, air, android apps (last ones are running in a complete android 2.2 in virtualbox).

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