OSCOM's Visual Identity

cover image for OSCOM's Visual Identity

We were thinking in OSCOM 4 about how to get the different Open Source CMS projects to feel more connected with the OSCOM process. One part of this was to get some link buttons that would make it easier for the projects to link to OSCOM.

Marc Infield from Infield Design responded quickly to Gregor's request. Here are his OSCOM "stamps":

OSCOM stamps by Marc Infield

Note: this logo is not under the open content license used on my weblog

The usage policy for these is still unresolved. Some ideas would be, though:

  • The winged stamp would be the official OSCOM logo, usable only by the OSCOM association
  • The other stamps could be used by individuals, projects and companies as a badge showing participation to the OSCOM process
  • We could have similar logo policy as Debian has

This way the OSCOM stamp would be a quality criteria for CMS projects, telling that they are committed on working on implementing common standards in their system and developing the field of Open Source CMS in general. It would also enable end-users to distinguish real Open Source projects from proprietary ones, a bit like the OSI keyhole does for licenses.


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