Somehow I had missed this term being coined:

The old "open vs. proprietary" debate is over and open won. As IT infrastructure moves to the cloud, openness is not just a priority for source code but for standards and APIs as well. Almost every vendor in the IT market now wants to position its products as "open." Vendors that don't have an open source product instead emphasize having a product that uses "open standards" or has an "open API."

"Openwashing" is a term derived from "greenwashing" to refer to dubious vendor claims about openness. Openwashing brings the old "open vs. proprietary" debate back into play - not as "which one is better" but as "which one is which?"

Especially Google seems to be doing this quite a bit. If you want to be open, work in the open. This is the only way to ensure acceptance and sustainability for your code.

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