On Linked Data and OpenStreetMap

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Linked Data is the W3C effort to move data out of silos and into the interconnected web. As search engines are becoming more semantically savvy, the next big thing will be establishing connections between different pieces of data by linking.

Sir Berners-Lee has an excellent TED talk introducing the concept.

In the talk he also shows how easy it is to edit the OpenStreetMaps, a bit like I've done before.

TED talk: OpenStreetMap editing

Promoting OpenStreetMap is great. But is this Linked Data? I'd say no.

It is great to know the shape of a building, and the location of it, and the fact that it is a theatre called Terrace Theater. But that is still slightly ambiguous. Things would be clearer by linking to it, then we'd know the boxy shape on the map is actually this place.

But still, to repeat Sir Tim's slogan: Raw Data Now!

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