New component selection view for MidCOM

cover image for New component selection view for MidCOM

MidCOM, the component framework used in Midgard CMS is rapidly approaching 2.6 stable, and a lot of minor improvements are trickling in. These include a drag-and-drop way to reorganize navigation items and a new view listing MidCOM contributors.

We had a mini Midgard developer meeting over the weekend, with sauna and an archipelago cruise. In addition to lots of talk about multilingual sites and replication, this also resulted in a slightly clarified folder creation screen:

MidCOM 2.6 folder creation screen

The main point in this change is to make it easier to understand the different components available, and to tell the admin that more components can be installed easily.

Once the Tango icons are properly packaged, we will also include nice descriptive icons on the various components into the view.

Updated: Here is a screenshot of the credits screen. The data there is generated from the manifest files of installed components, so it is the same as used on the PEAR packages:

MidCOM 2.6 credits screen

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