Mapstraction supports OpenLayers now

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Mapstraction is a javascript library that abstracts the usage of the various web map systems out there. Using it you can display Google Maps, Microsoft Virtual Earth, Yahoo! and other maps with same javascript code. And now also OpenLayers, a free software map implementation.

OpenLayers is a very nice addition to the Mapstraction stack, as it can be displayed without need for any API codes or registration. With local OpenStreetMap tiles it could even be used on web servers that are not connected to the regular internet.

Some initial OpenLayers integration had been in Mapstraction for a while, but as I need to display OpenStreetMaps with it in a project I decided to finish the implementation together with Andrew Turner. It is not completely tested yet, but for example Midgard’s positioning widget works quite nicely with it already:


Grab the code from SVN or take a look at an implementation example!

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