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Workstreaming means collecting activities of geographically dispersed team members into a consistent news feed, enabling managers to track process and colleagues to stay up-to-date with the day-by-day happenings. As is a distributed project worked on by a group of both volunteers and paid employees, some sort of activity monitoring is quite necessary.

For a while this has been done in wiki pages, but since that is not very flexible or connected, better ways have been discussed. The current approach being tested is workstreaming via a Qaiku channel:

#maemork workstream on Qaiku

Qaiku is a conversation-oriented microblogging service that suits workstreaming quite well:

  • It has both a web view and a mobile view, meaning you can workstream on-the-go
  • Channels support means activity log entries don't need to "spam" normal microblogging contacts with workstreams
  • Private channels means you can track workstreams of confidential projects too
  • API and RSS feeds enable us to integrate the workstreaming feed to the wiki pages or where ever we want to
  • Separation of comments and actual activity log entries make it easy to discuss things related to the activities

In near future there will also be support for additional machine-readable "Qaiku Data" (like hour amounts, bug numbers, whatever). This is inspired by the Twitter Data initiative, but keeps the data separate from actual message contents to keep Qaiku human-readable. Once that is done, we could possibly build some more workstreaming-oriented UI for this on

So, if you're doing anything on, sign up on Qaiku and start posting your updates!

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